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We all know her — the woman who is seemingly non-stop. She drops off a carful of kiddos at school in the morning, heads to a PTA meeting before picking them up from soccer practice after work, and then goes home to make dinner.

This year, get the superwoman in your life a gift that will be truly useful for her busy lifestyle. Whether its a CBD product to promote some much-needed R&R or a water bottle that cleans itself (because time is of the essence!), these items are perfect for the woman who gets it all done and deserves all the props for doing so.

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1 Minted Lavender Lotion

Having lotion on hand is essential for someone who never stops (or sleeps). This mint-lavender lotion contains 500 mg of full spectrum hemp oil with beneficial cannabinoids, including CBD that soothes and revitalizes.

SHOP NOW Veritas Farms Minted Lavender Lotion, $24.99

2 Weighted Sleep Mask

You’ve heard of weighted blankets, but a weighted sleep mask is a gamechanger. Non-toxic glass beads provide pressure to stimulate stress relief through this super-soft fleece mask.

Plus, it contours to the shape of your face to block out light — ideal for the gal trying to sneak a quick nap in whenever she can during her hectic day.

SHOP NOW Blanquil Weighted Sleep Mask, $24.99

3 Carry-All Bag

Every busy lady needs a reliable carry-all bag — and this one was made for long days. It includes a padded compartment for a laptop, plus room for a change of clothes. Basically, your friend can keep her life in here (and actually be able to find everything, thanks to the organized pockets).

SHOP NOW Dagne Dover Signature Tote, $265

4 Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Put your friend ahead of the curve with this self-cleaning and self-purifying reusable water bottle. It uses UV-C LED technology to eliminate up to 99.9% of bio-contaminants to keep water and the bottle clean all day, so she’ll never have to worry about cleaning it herself.

SHOP NOW LARQ Bottle Movement, $78

5 Calming Tincture

This small bottle of full-spectrum hemp oil can easily be thrown into a purse for on-the-go use and is more than just CBD: For more calm, users can place one full dropper of the oil under the tongue, hold for 60-90 seconds, and then swallow.

Your friend can also mix the tincture into a warm or cold beverage of her choice. Try it in tea while winding down for the night.

SHOP NOW Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, starting at $39.99

6 Reusable Face Mask

Sheet masks are great, but usually quite messy. Not this one — it’s a dry facial mask that can be used again and again. To use, you place the pink side of the mask on clean skin and gently massage the top to activate it. Your crazy-busy friend will love the quick hydrating, lifting, and brightening effect the fifteen-minute mask has.

SHOP NOW Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, $22

7 Portable Phone Charger

For your friend or family member who’s always running from place to place, a portable phone charger is an absolute must. It allows them to power-up while traveling, in-between meetings, or at a school event.

This one comes highly-rated and in five different colors. Most importantly, it’ll add up to one full charge on most phone models.

SHOP NOW Poweradd Slim Portable Charger, $12.99

8 Balancing Gummies

Choose from four different flavors of hemp-infused gummies—the serving size is one gummy (5 mg) so it’s a perfect little sweet treat to enjoy after a long, hectic day.

SHOP NOW Veritas Farms CBD Gummies, starting at $34.99

9 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Give her the gift of truly tuning in (or zenning out) with these noise-cancelling wireless headphones. They have a microphone, too, which allows users to take or make a call simply by touching the headphone.

SHOP NOW Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones, $348

10 Foldable Light Jacket

This ultra-light down jacket is like a secret weapon: It can be folded to fit into a small carrying pouch, which your friend can stuff into her bag so she’s never ill-prepared for chilly weather. Plus, the popular jacket comes in 10 different shades, so there’s a color to fit any woman’s wardrobe.

SHOP NOW Uniqlo Women Ultra Light Down Jacket, $59.90

Assistant Editor Maya McDowell is an Assistant Editor at HearstMade. 

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