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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
News 12 at 11 o’clock

AIKEN, S.C. (WDRW/WAGT) – It seems like you can get CBD anywhere these days.

A new company is about to bring even more products to Aiken, and they have big plans for the entire area as part of the new hemp wave sweeping the southeast.

Amber Lapine is a recent CBD user who’s buzzing with excitement.

“It really does calm a lot of people down,” Lapine said

She often stops by Vapor Tex USA in Aiken, and is thrilled they are now offering CBD products.

“It actually does help ease off the cigarettes too. I know I have my own little CBD oil pen and it really helps,” she added.

Lapine is on board with the rise of hemp in South Carolina and the US. So is Lace Leaf Organics’ co-founder Colen Lindell.

“There’s a lot of nervousness, because people don’t totally know where everything is going. But there’s also a lot of excitement. And it’s kind of like the California Gold Rush I think,” Lindell said

Their strategy is to sell in kiosks in small businesses throughout the area. They offer full spectrum CBD products, meaning there’s oil with or without THC; which still has the same benefits.

“What makes our product different is it’s coming from the farms of North and South Carolina. And the farms — especially in South Carolina — our soil is very rich for hemp plant,” Lindell explained.

But Lindell, who just attended South Carolina’s Hemp Summit, also says his company is one example of something bigger unfolding.

“In 2020, the flood gates will open. So if you want to be in this business, now’s the time to get in it,” he said.

Before, there were only 20 hemp farms in South Carolina for “research purposes.”

But thanks to the new Farm Bill and legalization of hemp, the land grab is on.

“We saw that this is a growing industry, an industry that’s worth one to two billion dollars, depending on who you look at–which has the potential to climb to $20 billion,” Lindell said.

There’s now no limit on licenses that could be issued to farmers, so like it or not, CBD could be here to stay.

Lindell says he and his team eventually want to have their own land to grow hemp on, and be a farm-to-bottle operation.

They’re trying to get in on that 2020 “gold rush,” with a lot of land up for grabs. Right now, the closest hemp farm is in the Wagener area, and is owned by former South Carolina Rep. Chip Limehouse.

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