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CBD oil isn’t for everyone. Gummies can offer the same (albeit alleged) benefits, while simultaneously satisfying your sweet tooth.

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All CBD products listed in this story are derived from hemp. Some CBD products, like those derived from marijuana, are only legal in certain states; see here to determine whether or not you can legally make a purchase. Additionally, THC/CBD edibles and additives are not necessarily FDA-approved.

Hypothetical comparison time: CBD is the #1 band on the charts right now. Oil is the lead singer, and gummies are the less famous member that started a solo career because they deserve just as much attention.

CBD-infused gummies are a delish alternative when estimating drops of oil sounds too hard and when vaping in public draws too much attention. For anyone who’s on the fence about trying CBD, gummies are a fun way to get started. Most retailers offer mini sizes for less than $15, so a trial run is much cheaper than with other CBD products, too. But just like with marijuana, CBD is something you’ll have to test on yourself to see how much you want to take. Starting low is crucial, so these mini variety packs can help there.

While there hasn’t been a ton of peer-reviewed scientific research (yet) to support all the reported benefits of CBD, that hasn’t stopped the hype train from barreling ahead at full steam. We know it helps some people who suffer from certain epileptic seizures — the FDA has approved a prescription drug called Epidiolex to do just that — but whether it can treat anxiety and inflammation often depends on who you talk to.

Do CBD gummies work as well as oil?

Here’s the thing, and we can’t say this enough: There just hasn’t been the level of research to accurately answer the question about all of CBD’s true benefits. But what about comparing gummies to oil? CBD purveyors say dropping oil under your tongue will have faster results than ingesting a gummy — and you may have to take a higher dosage one way to get the same effects (if you feel any at all) depending on how your body reacts to oil versus edibles.

A general rule though is that oil gets you more CBD per purchase, but gummies may make it easier to regulate your dosage. Regardless of your method, the most important thing to know is that CBD won’t get you high

How fast gummies work is different, though: A drop of oil under the tongue enters the body through the sublingual gland, letting CBD hit the bloodstream faster than it does through oral consumption of gummies. (But both are slower than vaping and swishing oil around in your mouth and swallowing will reduce its impact.) Everyone’s body and metabolism handles new substances differently — and you should definitely talk to your doctor to make sure CBD is right for you — but gummies can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to kick in. Actually, edibles are the slowest delivery method next to topical creams.

Are CBD gummies legal?

If the CBD is derived from hemp (which is the type of CBD in all of the gummies below), you’re pretty much in the clear. Hemp’s low THC content (under .3 percent) isn’t enough to get you high.  The U.S. Senate legalized the widespread farming and sale of hemp across state lines last year. Buyers should pay attention to where the hemp plant used to harvest CBD was grown and where — hemp is known to suck up toxins in the soil so be wary. Many CBD experts suggest purchasing products only made from U.S. hemp due to agricultural regulations. High-quality CBD companies will provide third-party lab results to inquiring clients. 

Gummies are a good starting point for people who are paranoid about THC or drug tests.

Gummies could be a good starting point for people who are paranoid about THC or drug tests, as many gummies are made with CBD isolate rather than full-spectrum CBD. Isolates are the purified, THC-free stuff that have also had other cannabinoids (cannabis compounds) filtered out. 

Full-spectrum CBD uses the whole hemp plant and contains naturally-occurring terpenes and other compounds, which are said to work together to create different effects. CBD isolate has been shown to be less effective at certain dosage levels compared to whole-plant CBD, according to a 2015 Hebrew University of Jerusalem study, but more research needs to be done to confidently discern which is better. In addition, how the CBD isolate is made matters: If a brand won’t explain their method, your spidey senses should go off. Some states are stricter than others about CBD, and while most rules concern marijuana-derived CBD rather than hemp-derived, requirements that that go into the exact percentage of THC can be hard to follow. If the minor discrepancies have you worried, stay safe by choosing isolate-infused gummies. (Take a look at this table for extra clarity.) 

Heads up: CBD may be legal in most places, but it is not legal on Amazon. Though searching “CBD” turns up a lot of products that look legit, they’re probably not. Sneaky merchants will market a product that resembles CBD gummies as “hemp seed oil gummies” to get around Amazon’s legal policies while conveniently leaving out the fact that hemp seed oil doesn’t contain CBD. The whole section just gets sketchy, and we suggest that you skip the scams. The Prime shipping isn’t worth it.

It should also be noted though that the FDA has been pretty cranky about how companies talk about food containing CBD, and while they have softened their stance a bit, the agency isn’t all that keen about the sale of CBD in food or as supplements. A press release by the FDA from December 2018 put it thusly:

“This is because both CBD and THC are active ingredients in FDA-approved drugs and were the subject of substantial clinical investigations before they were marketed as foods or dietary supplements. Under the FD&C Act, it’s illegal to introduce drug ingredients like these into the food supply, or to market them as dietary supplements.”

So get it while you can, we guess?

Which CBD gummies are best?

Taste is the reason most people choose gummies over another method in the first place, but it’s obviously relative. You can, however, predict what brand will satisfy your taste buds by considering factors like the presence of a sugar or sour coating (like a Sour Patch Kid), natural fruit flavors versus noticeable artificial flavoring, no gelatin for vegans, and so on.

Potency is another thing to consider: A bottle with only 5 or 10 mg per gummy could be perfect for newbies, but someone with inflammation or anxiety might be looking to try a stronger dosage in their gummy. Most CBD sellers suggest starting out with a 10 mg serving and then move up from there — you’ll have to test on yourself to see what works for you, if anything. Interestingly, Dr. Esther Blessing, an assistant professor at New York University School of Medicine, told the New York Times, that to treat anxiety one must take roughly 300 mg of CBD. Now that’s a lot, so take your personal experimentation slow over a period of time.

We’ll say it louder for the people in the back: Comparing price per gummy doesn’t make sense. Like we said, all gummies are not created equal when it comes to potency — and obviously a gummy with 5 mg will probably cost less than a gummy with 25 mg. And if you’re taking multiple low-dosage gummies at a time to get the effects you want, you’ll find yourself running out faster and having to re-order.

Looking at price-per-mg (what we’ll be referring to as “true price”) is a better way to look at cost efficiency. To calculate it, just take the price of the product divided by the total dosage in milligrams. For instance, if a bottle of 30 gummies contains a total of 750 mg and the price is $79.99, the price per mg is around $0.11 (which is pretty good, BTW). 

Here are the best CBD gummies you can buy off the internet right now, according to online customer reviews:

Long-standing brand with great reputation • Amazing variety of flavors and dosages • Vegan options
One of the pricier brands
The Bottom Line

You’re sure to find something that works for you with this robust selection of shapes, doses, and flavors

Green Roads

This brand seems to have more products than an actual candy store and a massive range of dosages.

  • True price: $0.14 to $0.19/mg
  • CBD per gummy: 10 mg to 50 mg
  • Purchase options: Gummy Bears, Fruit Bites, Relief Toads, Sleepy Z’s, Froggies, Relax Bears, Strawberry Chews, Grape Chews, Terp Toads
  • Isolate or full spectrum: Isolate
No shade to companies that only have one bottle of gummies to choose from, but nobody’s going to say no to options — especially when you’re specifically in the gummy game for the taste. Green Roads is known for having a robust product selection in general, and the gummy-specific tab is no different. Even Redditors are impressed, and getting that approval ain’t easy.
The Florida natives at Green Roads are led by a pharmacist and aren’t shy about giving as much information as they can on their website. It’s obvious that the employees want you to feel safe and comfortable, which is extra important in the edibles category, as a decent handful of shoppers are newbies using gummies to ease their way into CBD.
Buyer Shari G. writes:

“These bears have, by far, been the best CBD supplement I’ve ever had! The effects are felt not even a full 20min after taking a dose! I started coupling mine with the Strawberry terpenes and never looked back. Inflammation in my shins went down and if I feel a headache coming on, I pop one of these and I’m good for the day!”

Both short and long term fixes can be found here, with quantities ranging from max-strength 50 mg frogs to bottles of 300 mg gummy bears and 400 mg relief toads for daily pick-me-ups. Other goodies in between include sourz, sleepy Z’s with melatonin, and terp toads.

High dosage per gummy • Organic and vegan • Melatonin-infused option for specific sleep help
Limited flavor and size options • Isolate extraction process not specified
The Bottom Line

While CBDistillery lacks flavor options, they make up for it in potency and below-average prices.


A low price gets you seriously strong gummies that somehow still taste like regular gummy bears.

  • True price: $0.07/mg
  • CBD per gummy: 30 mg
  • Purchase options: Original Gummies and Night Time Gummies
  • Isolate or full spectrum: Isolate
Where CBDistillery really shines is in its wide variety of oil, but its gummies can’t be ignored. At 30 mg a pop, these gummies double or even triple the dosage of competitors and do it for an extremely budget-friendly price. A few retailers will offer a single 50 mg gummy, but CBDistillery is one of the only ones to offer 30 mg edibles in a full bottle.
The organic, vegan ingredients, and naturally fruity flavors are also worth noting, as a lot of potent gummies are pounded with artificial flavoring and synthetic ingredients to mask the strong CBD taste. A sugary coating is also present to add some texture, but beware: It’s a lot.
A Reddit favorite for a reason, CBDistillery uses premium Colorado-grown hemp and lists third-party tests and ingredients for each product.
Buyer Anita B. writes about the Night Time Gummies:

“Could not be more satisfied with the 30mg Night Time CBD Gummies. They taste very good and help with body aches in joints and muscles and the Melatonin that is included in each Gummie Bear helps support a good night’s sleep. Highly recommend for the over 60 crowd with aches and sleep difficulties.”

Choose from 900 mg CBD gummies or melatonin-infused CBD Night Time Gummies, both $60. (The site says they’re on sale and regularly $70, but we’re pretty sure that price never changes.)

Outstanding reputation across internet and social media • Can be turned into a subscription • Free shipping
No reviews on site • Pricey
The Bottom Line

Feel relaxed and fancy at the same time thanks to the gorgeous packaging and presentation.

Lord Jones

There’s been a lot of buzz about this brand thanks to upscale packaging and potent gumdrops.

  • True price: $0.25/mg
  • CBD per gummy: 20 mg
  • Purchase options: 180 mg mixed citrus and berry box
  • Isolate or full spectrum: Full spectrum
CBD is even making its way to Hollywood. From becoming a go-to product for celebrities to being sold at Sephora and partnering with fancy hotels, Lord Jones CBD is bringing luxury to the world of cannabis. The ultra classy packaging not only makes you feel like they should be served on a silver platter, but it draws way less attention than a bottle that looks like it was made by Monster Energy’s graphic designer. Inside, you’ll find handmade gumdrops that look like vintage candies and are almost too pretty to eat.
Customer reviews are nowhere to be found on the site itself, which is annoying — especially when reviews are what many newbies use to make a decision. A quick Google search for “Lord Jones” will show you pages of media coverage, plus people singing their praises, so it’s not that hard to find fans of the brand elsewhere.
Sarah Argus of Greatist writes about her experience:

“Speaking as an insomniac, Lord Jones Gumdrops were a godsend—all those thoughts about work and life and ‘omg, I’m going on vacation soon what are the 3 million things I need to get done beforehand’ thoughts disappeared. I was knocked out into a deep sleep pretty quickly.”

At 20 mg in a gummy, you’ll likely only need one (or even just a half) to feel something. With only nine in a box, Lord Jones is pricier than competitors, which means regular ordering adds up. Luckily, you can turn it into a recurring subscription and save $10 on every order.
Have a hankering for edibles past gummies? Lord Jones also sells CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso Chews.

Website’s design is amazing • A portion of proceeds go to The Bail Project • Can be turned into a subscription
Only one purchase option total • Lab tests aren’t readily available
The Bottom Line

Find good vibes all around with the vegan CBD brand using its platform to fight against criminal injustice.

Not Pot

This aesthetically-pleasing brand is working to shed light on criminal injustice via their adorable vegan gummy bears.

  • True price: $0.13/mg
  • CBD per gummy: 10 mg
  • Purchase options: Strawberry-flavored gummy bears
  • Isolate or full spectrum: Full spectrum
If you ask most people, the whole point of taking CBD is to relax — so why do so many websites stress us out? In our opinion, the shopping experience should make you feel just as good as actually taking CBD.
Enter Not Pot: A vegan CBD brand that’s on a mission to encourage respect for the planet and everyone on it. A groovy color scheme, GIFs, and fun infographics make the experience so inviting, it’s kind of like visualizing the chill factor that CBD offers. (All thanks to graphic designer Leslie David, the mastermind behind Glossier’s iconic pink branding.) Virtually limitless scrolling through background info and an FAQ are helpful, but we’d love to see Not Pot put third-party tests right on the site.
Not Pot’s gummies come in the form of all white (polar) bears, packed with 10 mg of CBD and 100% vegan ingredients and strawberry flavoring — and that’s it. But finding regular gummy things without gelatin is hard, so finding CBD gummies that are vegan is a huge score.
Buyer Amanda J. writes:

“I have tried everything (including Prozac!) and nothing has worked as well as NotPot Gummies. I am a mom of two toddlers and business owner. To say my life is stressful and full of anxiety would be an understatement. The NotPot gummies have given me my life back. Before them I was “on 10” and constantly worried about things. Now, I am so chill, have a better head on my shoulders, and can do my job as a mom and business owner much better. It’s amazing! I am forever grateful! My husband is even taking them now so I have a monthly subscription x2!”

Surprisingly, this beautiful branding isn’t even the only standout feature. The company has also partnered with The Bail Project to help spread education and work to combat mass incarceration — specifically due to unjust marijuana convictions. Not Pot’s founder Kati Holland wants to “reclaim the term CBD for science and make sure that profits from legalization are reinvested in communities most harmed by prohibition.” Each month, Not Pot uses a portion of proceeds to bail out a person in need.

Anti-anxiety marketing resonates with users • Can be turned into a subscription • Vegan option • Free shipping
Hard to find actual amount of CBD on website • Slight medicinal aftertaste
The Bottom Line

We’re not sure if the vitamins actually help, but reviewers love the marketing message behind these.

Sunday Scaries

Meet the genius marketing that has drawn attention by tackling the Monday morning dread we all experience.

  • True price: $0.19/mg
  • CBD per gummy: 10 mg
  • Purchase options: Original Gummy Bears, Vegan AF Sour Gumdrops
  • Isolate or full spectrum: Isolate
Ah, adulting. Cue the sense of impending doom that creeps in every Sunday night. This dread is felt so universally that this CBD retailer named its entire brand after the feeling. Sunday Scaries gummies have gained fame by tackling something so many of us want relief for — though we won’t stop you from enjoying these every day of the week.
Claiming to be formulated for anxiety relief, Sunday Scaries gummies are made with full-spectrum CBD and contain vitamins B12 and D3. Note: Evidence behind whether multivitamins actually work is mixed. Though a load of reviewers enthusiastically mention the drop in anxiety they feel after taking Sunday Scaries, we can’t guarantee that those effects were due to the B12 and D3. However, if you are on the supplement hype train, Sunday Scaries gummies could be a more fun way to get your daily vitamins instead of downing a huge horse pill. 
Buyer Arlene writes about the Gummy Bears:

“The CBD gummies are a true necessity in my life! Being self-employed, I face the ups and downs of running my own small business and with that often comes anxiety. I take 2 gummies when I feel this way and within minutes I feel less stress and physical side effects of anxiety. This is the best CBD product I’ve tried to date and they work wonders for me. I don’t need to take weird prescription chemicals and I’m not a fan of THC, so these are perfect and easy to ingest”

Grab the original gummy bears or try the Vegan AF (and sour AF) gumdrops.

Wide selection of gummy products • Choice of trial package or large bottle
Not vegan • Vague about extraction process
The Bottom Line

The flavor selection here is great, with nearly any type of gummy taste or texture you could want.


Get the flavor and quantity you want with MedixCBD’s sour selection in 100 or 300 mg.

  • True price: $0.16/mg
  • CBD per gummy: 10 mg
  • Purchase options: Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, Citrus Strawberry Chews, Rainbow Bites
  • Isolate or full spectrum: Isolate
Don’t @ me: Your preferences for gummy taste or texture shouldn’t have to dictate the rest of your order. While most retailers will make you choose between flavor and quantity, MedixCBD covers it all.
Send your taste buds on a journey with sour gummy bears, sour gummy worms, or sweet and sour rainbow bites, all coated in a sugary coating that Willy Wonka would approve of — and all available to test with mini 100 mg bags. If you are feeling particularly frisky, go all in with 300 mg bottles. (Low-dosage strawberry citrus chews are also on the menu, but the melt-in-your-mouth recipe is so damn good that they’re almost always sold out.)
At $0.16 per mg, MedixCBD isn’t as cost effective as competitors, but customers are willing to pay for that high-quality, Kentucky-grown hemp. MedixCBD was previously called out for only sharing third-party tests on request, but has since posted lab results and certificates of analysis under each product. The site still doesn’t go into a ton of detail about the extraction process, but they do make a lot of effort to educate customers on the history of CBD, the endocannabinoid system, and more.
Buyer Sebastian Rodriguez writes about the Rainbow Bites:

“These gummies are so delicious that I almost forget that they aren’t candy! I suffer a lot from joint pains which slow me down as soccer is my passion. These gummies help me a lot with that and allow me to spend less time on the sidelines and more time on the field!”

Choose from gummy bears, sour bears, strawberry citrus chews, rainbow bites, or sour snakes, all available in 100 mg and 300 mg bottles.

Excellent customer service • Many dosage and quantity options • Lifelong 15% discount for veterans and active military
Super unattractive site • Slight artificial taste
The Bottom Line

This internet favorite brand offers a ton of quantity options — just ignore the sketchy-looking design.

Hemp Bombs

Shop a huge range of options on this site in desperate need of a redesign.

  • True price: $0.09 to $0.13/mg
  • CBD per gummy: 15 mg to 25 mg
  • Purchase options: Regular gummies, sleep gummies, and high potency gummies in mixed fruity flavors
  • Isolate or full-spectrum: Isolate
Want options? Look no further. The variety, potency per gummy, and sheer amount of options makes Hemp Bombs able to accommodate just about anyone’s needs. While the largest bottles at most retailers don’t exceed 30 or 40 counts, Hemp Bombs will give you 60 at once, and thus limiting the number of times you’ll need to reorder and pay shipping costs.
Judging too hard off of site design is never fair, but it’s hard to ignore Hemp Bomb’s gimmicky look. The slogan “FEEL GREAT, RELAX NOW” feels more like a threat than a suggestion, and there’s so much going on that you don’t know where to look. When people are buying something to put in their bodies with the hope that it will have a calming effect, a site like this probably isn’t the best approach. 
Hemp Bombs is actually one of the more transparent retailers online though, with a tab devoted to third-party tests for every product, QR codes, and a certificate of authenticity.
Buyer Elizabeth H. writes about the High Potency gummies:

5 Stars isn’t enough for how awesome this product is! This is like medicine to me and is so effective!!! I’m a customer for life and am very confident in the product to recommend friends and family. I love the potent gummies, as I have been able to keep no complex migraines in remission. A true miracle, and is far more effective than anticonvulsants!

Choose from 15 mg CBD gummies in 5, 15, 30, and 60 count, 15 mg Sleep Gummies with melatonin in 5, 30, and 60 count, and 25 mg High Potency Gummies in 5, 30, and 60 count.
Have a hankering for edibles past gummies? Try their CBD lollipops.