Dementia Reversal with Coconut oil – in an 85yr old at 35 days.

Dementia Reversal with Coconut oil – in an 85yr old at 35 days.

Surprise benefits of humble coconut oil Reversing Dementia. Its also reputed to cause weight loss and improve diabetic blood sugar control
Dr Mary Newport
How to find it locally

UK Newspaper
ketone ester study Dr Veetch…
5 aged care doctors on Coconut oil
Cinnamon Reviewed
ketoforce Synthetic MCT
The Rockefellers, The FDA & The Cancer Industry

Butter is Back margarine causes our diseases

Cholesterol myth demolished
Benfotiamine Diabetes Relief- Unknown Vitamin

Nutribullet a TV gadget makes any vegetable instantly drinkable And could prevent you and loved ones from getting diabetes and dementia. So check this out Nutribullet Comes with a lovely book. But only makes single serves. Very small compact machine.
Ninja Food liquifier Goes even faster and can produce larger quantities, 3 whole liquid meals in one mix session.
Video Transcript
Reversing Neuropathy Diabetic Benfotiamine Empowering YOU

Buy a cheap no name organic brand example
And here it is DR Rath on monetised scurvy
“Breakthrough towards the natural control of cardiovascular disease, Dr. Matthias Rath, 22-4-2015*

Is Coconut oil Poison? NO

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