Green Roads Releases New Sleep Aid CBD Product Line with CBN – TimesOfCBD

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Green Roads, a Florida-based CBD company, announced the launch of a line of hemp-derived CBD sleep-aid formulas in a press release.

The new product line features gummies, capsules, and ingestible oils, and each is designed to address stress and sleeplessness. Green Roads CEO Laura Fuentes shared in the press release:

“Sleep is connected to every part of our health, from physical recovery and energy to emotional balance and positive outlook,” said Laura Fuentes, CEO of Green Roads. “Our products are a healthy, non-narcotic way to help support better sleep for our customers, especially when current events are serving as a constant source of stress.”

According to the press release, the product lineup includes:

Green Roads Sweet Sleep Formula

This is a liquid tincture that features melatonin, CBD, and CBN oil.

Green Roads Sweet Sleep Nightly Doses

This product features single servings of the Sweet Sleep Formula, and it is available in singles or a 12-pack

Green Roads Sleepy Zs

This product is a “new and improved version” of the brand’s classic gummy, and it features a new formula, more melatonin, and a blackberry flavor, according to the press release.

Earlier this year, the brand launched Green Roads CBD Sleep Capsules, which are vegan capsules that contain 5mg of melatonin and 25mg of CBD to aid one’s bedtime routine.

The press release also explains that the ingredients are “carefully selected.” The ingredients in the products are selected for their support of a better night’s sleep in different ways. For instance, the melatonin in the formulas may help promote a natural sleep cycle and can be used in combination with CBD.

It also appears that the new products are available on the Green Roads online shop. Those interested in learning more about the products can do so on the brand’s website.

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