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CBD is the raging trend in the cannabis industry, and there is no denying it is an incredible ingredient. The introduction of CBD to mainstream consumers has encouraged more people to try the benefits of cannabis compared to earlier times. CBD has helped consumers to look past marijuana as a psychoactive ingredient and accept it into their lives for its many health benefits. This cannabidiol is of interest to the scientific community who are exploring the plant to understand it better.



Bioavailability and Vaping


When it comes to cannabis, the mode of delivery determines its effectiveness. Vape pens promise to deliver the best of benefits of the plant. Bioavailability refers to the levels of a particular substance that gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Vaping is the fastest way to introduce CBD to your bloodstream and is among the top methods that enable the quickest absorbance by the blood. There are multiple choices available, even for vaping through vape pens, mods. CBD Vape oils are available that promise to provide significant benefits and an intense sensation with much higher efficiency as compared to CBD edibles, oil, tinctures, and capsules. Currently, CBD is available in various forms for treating problems such as depression, anxiety, and pain. But CBD vape pen for pain can be a more efficient way of delivering the benefits of cannabis to our body. 


Getting the most from a puff

Dosage is a critical element when it comes to medical cannabis. Whether it is THC or CBD, delivering just the right amounts helps activate the chemical reactions in our body to achieve the expected results. With such high efficiency, watching out for the dosage levels of vaping becomes essential. So how much does our body usually receive from a puff of CBD through a vape pen? Stick around to find out the exact numbers that reach your blood through each puff. 


What happens when you vape?

Before we understand how much CBD you take through every puff, let us explore the process of vaping and how it delivers CBD to our body. Knowing the process will help you understand why CBD shows greater bioavailability as compared to any other method.


One of the most significant advantages of vaping is having control over the amount of substance you intake. Like, when we talk about other methods such as smoking a joint, the exact levels of THC or CBD entering our system cannot be determined. It is because often, cannabinoids and terpenes burn away due to combustion, and this damage could cause it to lose its efficiency. But in the case of vaping, all the oils available in the vape juice enters your body. The process does not involve any combustion, thus no crucial components are burnt.

As the process of vaping is simple principally, it is easier to calculate the cumulative amount of CBD that enters your system with each puff. Vaporizers come with guides on how long each puff should last, and considering these as ideal numbers, we can calculate the CBD concentration in each puff.


Pick the most intense concentration.

The best possible way to obtain the most out of your vaping experience is to choose high concentrations for your vape juice. High concentration ensures that you have to use far less substance than usual, and provides you immediate relief. In case of a typical 1ml liquid capacity vape pen,


CBD concentration Average Delivery per puff

200 mg 0.75 mg 

500mg 1.5mg

1000mg 3mg 



As we observe the trend in the table, the higher the concentration, the faster the dosage gets delivered to your system, and you can enjoy the benefits of the substance immediately. Also, the type of vaping device you use also determines the concentration of CBD available per puff. It is yet another important point to keep in mind. The number mentioned here is typically applicable for CBD vape pens.


In case you are using a vape mod, then it is easier to keep count of the number of drags you have taken. Take note of the total number of puffs it takes for you to empty the tank. Now divide the total amount of CBD concentration available in your tank by the number of puffs, and you can get to an average concentration per puff.


The most efficient CBD delivery occurs through vaping hemp concentrates such as crumbles, dab waxes, and shatters. You have to use a similar calculation as in the case of vape mods and divide the total amount of concentration by total drags to get the amount for every puff.


Everything that determines the efficiency of your inhalation

In general, a puff of CBD delivers anywhere between 0.3 mg to 5 mg into your system. But this is a large range to conclude upon as an answer. The exact amount of CBD that enters the bloodstream is easy to calculate in the way we discussed above. But these are ideal numbers, and the only possible way to get them in a practical situation is to vape correctly. The type of vape pen that you use also plays a crucial role in the dosage you get per puff. A puff from Firefly 2 Plus will give you a better hit compared to any other mediocre pen.



Following are a few factors that determine how well you vape: 

  1. Duration: Vaporizers have guides that suggest an average duration for each puff. It ensures you vape long enough for the juices to reach your system. 
  1. Type of Vape Juice: There are various types of vape juices such as pure distillate, MCT, VG/PG available. While VG/PG gives better accuracy to measure CBD concentration per puff, each of these methods can be useful in different conditions. 
  1. Quality of the vaping system: From the tank to wick, cartridge, pod, mesh, each of these components plays a vital role in determining the efficient concentration of each puff. With time, these parts degrade, causing inefficiencies in delivering concentrates. 
  1. The force of pull: The strength you apply to take each puff also determines how much substance you take in. 


By understanding each of these factors in detail, we can determine the right way to vape. This way, you can receive the most benefits from the vape juices of your choice. 

Watch out for the dosage!

CBD is still under research for medicinal purposes. Although it comes with a high recommendation from physicians for chronic pain and epilepsy in a few parts of the world, the substance is still under clinical trials for treating other ailments. Hence the exact dosages that can bring different benefits are not available yet. Consult a marijuana doctor to discuss the right levels of doses of CBD to treat ailments. Match the required dosage with the CBD concentration of your vaping system to attain the most benefits from this plant.