Is CBD Legal in Dubai?

A Brief Guide to Buying CBD Oil in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) boasts some of the strictest drug policies on the face of the planet. And these policies extend to Dubai, the most populous city in the UAE.

If you’re caught with even trace amounts of controlled substances (as low as 0.05 grams) you can face up to four years in prison. Trafficking large quantities of drugs in the UAE can lead to the death penalty.

So, what does this mean for CBD in Dubai?

Well, CBD oil is deemed to be the same as cannabis in the UAE. This means CBD is illegal in Dubai and elsewhere in the country.

However, in January 2019, Dubai Municipality (a branch of the local government) confirmed that the sale and purchase of hemp seed oil is legal.

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Is CBD Oil legal in Dubai?

  • NOT LEGAL – CBD oil products cannot be sold, purchased or used in Dubai.
  • LEGAL – Hemp seed oil, found in health care and cosmetics products, is legal to sell and buy.

Recently, there has been a major crackdown on the vaping of CBD oil in Dubai, with almost 100 people arrested during the first quarter of 2019 alone. Most were foreigners, caught trying to bring CBD oil into the UAE inside vape pens or e-cigarettes.

This has not gone unnoticed in other countries. The UK’s Foreign Office has warned travelers against bringing even the smallest amount of an illegal substance into the UAE. Doing so can result in a severe jail sentence of at least four years.

Even if you can’t see the CBD oil, if it’s present as an ingredient in soaps, skin care products, vape pen cartridges or anything else, it could land you in hot water. What’s more, according to the Foreign Office, Emirati authorities will consider the presence of drugs in your bloodstream as possession.

Dubai’s Possession Laws

In Dubai, the minimum sentence for possession is two years. However, those caught with large amounts of cannabis can be imprisoned for ten years or longer.

Is CBD hemp oil legal in Dubai?

While hemp seed oil products are now legal in Dubai, there are currently no laws regarding the legality of hemp-extracted CBD products.

However, even though CBD hemp oil contains little-to-no THC, the presence of the letters C-B-D might be enough to bring legal proceedings, and the risk of that far outweighs the benefits.

In summary

CBD oil is not legal in Dubai, and any attempt to buy, sell, or use it in the UAE could lead to severe punishment.

If you’d like to learn more about CBD oil, we recommend researching the effects and benefits of CBD, checking out our product reviews, and reading our in-depth guide to CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy CBD oil in Dubai?

You cannot legally buy CBD oil in Dubai. CBD oil is treated the same as cannabis, marijuana, and other drugs, and possession can lead to a minimum two-year jail sentence.

Are CBD capsules legal in Dubai?

CBD capsules are not legal in Dubai. Possession of products containing CBD as an ingredient can result in severe jail time.

Are CBD cartridges legal in Dubai?

CBD cartridges are not legal to buy in Dubai. As of April 2019, shops in the UAE are allowed to sell vaping devices and e-cigarettes. The devices carry the same age limit (18) as cigarettes. However, vape cartridges or refills containing CBD remain illegal.

Are CBD edibles legal in Dubai?

CBD edibles are not legal to use in Dubai. Possession of products containing CBD as an ingredient can result in jail time.

Are CBD gummies legal in Dubai?

CBD gummies are not legal in Dubai. Possession of CBD gummies could result in jail time.

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