Joy Smith And Her Miraculous Journey In Curing Cancer With The Help Of Cannabis Oil (RSO) –

Cancer has been one of the world’s most elusive sicknesses which have baffled the doctors and researcher due to its stubborn nature which makes it very hard to cure. Medical science has made some leaps for the cause of curing cancer and to search for remedies, but it cannot be labelled curable just yet. 

Cannabis oil (RSO) and it’s amazing cures

Many probable cures have come across doctors and researchers around the world to fight cancer, among which is the utilization of cannabis. that is how Rick Simpson picked up the trail in 2013 and developed the famous Rick Simpson oil. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is one of a kind and in that it contains higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as compared to other medical cannabis extracts. 

Cannabis oil can be advantageous for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, or insomnia. RSO oil price is convenient according to everybody’s needs and is a minor cost that a person has to occur when it comes to life-saving.  It has also been recommended that it can be used to help ease the pain of people suffering from cancer. 

Joy Smith and her unbelievable recovery

Joy Smith, 52, says that she had never taken any drugs ever earlier in her life, but the cannabis oil was a miracle cure for her. Doctors gave Joy Smith only six weeks to live when she was diagnosed with cancer in her stomach and bowel unless she started chemotherapy to buy herself more time. But nearly two years later she is close to getting the all-clear. She claims that regular doses of THC cannabis oil, which is banned in the UK, have destroyed her tumours which the doctors claimed were not operable. Leaving doctors astonished by her astounding and an unbelievable recovery and forcing them to call her the ‘wonder woman’ and the luckiest woman on earth as her scans show that she is now clear leaving only a small amount of the disease left which she is confident that she will cure it with the help of the continuous use of cannabis oil.

Joy claims that she will keep fighting for the drug to get legalized

Joy Smith says that she will keep fighting until and unless this drug doesn’t get legalized. She even states that she has received thousands of messages from people who are desperate to get cured of cancer and have tried to reach out to her to know about her journey and to seek help. She says it’s devastating to see so many people suffering and seeking help but can’t help themselves because of the drug being illegal. 

Ms. Smith is believed to buy the drug online and illegally. She takes the nutritional supplement cannabidiol, which is derived from cannabis and is known to be legal in the UK, yet, her treatment also comprises of THC, which is what makes users ‘high’ and is not allowable or legal. 

“All I wanted was reassurance, I wanted to know if anyone had ever been cured by it.”

 She started having treatment every two weeks for three days but had to have the line that delivered her chemotherapy taken out after she developed sepsis. Ms. Smith was uninformed that her friends had been seeking a substitute cancer cure online until she was given a cannabis-based tablet out of the blue. After which she stated that she started to feel clumsy and drunk and when all the nurses were staring at her she tried hard not to make it noticeable. She then started searching online about its uses and whether it did cure anybody else of cancer. She said all she was looking for is reassurance before using it. 

After researching its medicinal use and side effects online, Joy’s friends managed to find somebody who could produce it for her and persuaded her to try it. Of course, when you’re lying there on your death bed, anything which is said to save you you’re willing to give it a try. 

Luckily Joy found out about a woman in America who grew here in America who had cured her cancer by growing her cannabis and making her oil. She even tried talking to her consultant at the hospital to find out if her new treatment could actually save her life and bring her back to health. 

When you hear the word cancer, It’s petrifying 

Naturally, when you get or hear news about cancer, it’s frightening. But in the end, it’s all about will power and having a positive attitude. It’s also necessary to have an optimistic view of life. Joy says that she’s planning to start writing blogs and her book about her miraculous journey and she’s also planning to write a book in which she will share all about her journey and also information about her treatment. It will also have bits of advice on how to cope up with cancer. She hopes that many would get inspiration from it too.

Making the most of your life and living every day with a smile

Joy claims that her life has taken a U-turn after her diagnosis and now, she makes the most of it of her days and enjoys life to the fullest. She also plans on spreading the news about her alkaline diet that she followed to her cure her cancer. Cancer can’t live in a high-alkaline body and it kills it. She believes that this information should be provided to and passed on to every single cancer patient out there, but hardly any people know about it. She also claims that this knowledge should be out there, just like the oil should be and should be legalized. 

Joy says that she feels fantastic and has never been better. She even believes that she’s very grateful for where she is today because that surely is a miracle.

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