Lithotripsy Kidney Stone Laser Dusting with Dr. Kumar

Lithotripsy Kidney Stone Laser Dusting with Dr. Kumar

There are many different types of lasers used in medicine. For kidney stone work, a PowerSuite™ holmium laser in direct contact with the stone is commonly used. This minimally-invasive treatment usually requires general anesthesia (asleep, no pain), but you may go home the same day.

Dr. Surendra Kumar uses an endoscope (a tube introduced into the body, via the urinary tract) in order to get close to the stone. A small fiber is snaked up the endoscope so that the tip (that emits the laser energy) can come in contact with the stone, the intense light energy breaks the stone into increasingly smaller pieces, which can be extracted or flushed out. Because of type of laser energy no other tissue is affected.

Laser lithotripsy carries a slightly greater risk of complications than extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy. However, lithotripsy using the holmium laser is characterized by a high success rate and low complication rate for all types of stones. Discuss these risks with your doctor today and find out if VersaPulse laser lithotripsy is right for you.

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