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Two words.

Not happening.

The best they can get is 19, a source told InsiderNJ this morning as legislators prepare to head to Trenton to consider marijuana legalization.

And that’s generous.

Other sources said they were short six.

They need 21.

They’re not there in the state senate.

They supposedly had enough in the assembly.

But not the senate.

Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) was rustling for votes over the weekend, but he has hard-nosed opposition among party members in his own region.

Increasingly, lawmakers expressed interest in a ballot question, not for this year but next.

Monday morning, the forces of recreational marijuana legalization braced for immediate defeat.

Stay updated with up-to-the-minute developments with Insider NJ’s Weed War Room.  Senate President Sweeney issued a statement this afternoon announcing the vote won’t advance today. 

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