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At Mineral, a brand dealing in whole-plant cannabis, they grow, cultivate, and formulate full spectrum hemp products. The products are of the highest bioavailability that promotes balance of the mind and body.

The unique process through which Mineral extracts and formulates the CBDs allows for extraction of natural terpenes, which are added for extra effectiveness. The sublingual and topical application boast of these very much important compounds. The CBD infused Mineral formulations rich in ancillary cannabinoid interact with the endocannabinoid systems to nourish the body.


Unlike other brands that compromise on some nutrients, Mineral products are of full spectrum Hemp extracts, therefore preserved fats, vitamins and proteins are found in the products to ensure full nourishment from the time of harvest to manufacture.

To maintain integrity, bottling is done in small batches hence special attention given to each bottle. The resulting products based on purpose have varying CBD components each.

How essential

For good health, cannabinoids are very important. They interact with endocannabinoids naturally produced by the body and hence foster good health for the body and brain. They also enable homeostasis among cells by imitating and activating the endocannabinoids.

Once you consume the Mineral products, the CBDs attach themselves to receptors in the brain therefore maintaining homeostasis.


MINERAL generally formulates tree unique formulas infused with terpenes and CBDs extracted from the hemp plant. The formulas are the balance and sleep formulas together with Maison balm. They have different amounts of the compounds based on what they are aimed at accomplishing. The terpenes come in handy by accentuating the effect, influencing and increasing the effectiveness of these CBD formulas in the mind and body.

Maison balm

MINERAL also have a unique product to help sooth sore muscles and revitalize broken and damaged skin. Maison CBD balm calms and cools the skin therefore effectively reducing inflammation in affected skin areas and muscles.

Quality control

An independent third party does the testing to ensure each batch is free of bacteria and other contaminations that may occur from harvesting through formulation to packaging. And therefore consistency is maintained throughout each batch above and beyond.

Source: https://timesofcbd.com/mineral/