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A very taxing tweet
Twitter had a field day over a message that rapper Ja Rule put out to his 229,000 followers promoting Value Tax, a company for which he claims to be an owner. Yes, Ja Rule, the same person who, along with entrepreneur Billy McFarland, lured $100,000-paying guests to the Fyre Festival, which flamed out spectacularly. (Unless you are crazy about cheese sandwiches.) “Besides the gross mishandling of the Fyre Festival, the audacity of the tweet is even more concerning considering the rapper’s past with tax evasion,” writes Ilyse Liffreing. “A quick Google search reveals the rapper’s past trauma with the IRS, which was widely reported. Back in 2011, the rapper went to jail for 28 months after pleading guilty to tax evasion, promising to pay $1 million in back taxes and penalties.” Safe to say H&R Block has nothing to fear.

Wily Kylie
Kylie Jenner, the founder of d-to-c makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics and “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star, has filed trademarks for her own convention with accompanying branded merchandise and beauty consultation classes and workshops, also writes Ilyse. Jenner filed 18 trademark applications for the trademarks of “Kylie Kon,” “Kylie Con” and “Kylie Museum” with the U.S. patent and trademark office on January 9. 

Creativity Pick
Greenpeace, working with Aardman Animations, has created a touching film to move viewers to save the oceans. Writes Alexandra Jardine: “The short depicts a family of turtles setting off on a long journey home from their grandparents’ house. It starts out just like a human family on a car ride, with the kids bickering over games and videos in the back seat and the parents getting frustrated over traffic and roadworks. However things take a darker turn as they’re delayed by oil drilling and are splattered with plastic junk. When they eventually reach their home, it’s far too quiet—and the film ends tragically with the turtle mom killed by the destruction of their home.” We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Just briefly
Worth a read:
Kevin Twomey, senior director, marketing at MaRS Discovery District, has penned a sure-to-be controversial opinion piece for Ad Age on what he calls the “dishonest and wasteful practice” of influencer marketing. “We need to stop chasing vanity metrics and unproven tactics,” he writes, “and return to the fundamentals of marketing and advertising.” Read it here. 

Dog day afternoons: Spotify has created a playlist and podcast for pets, reports Ann-Christine Diaz. “The idea was inspired by a Spotify survey that found that 71 percent of pet owners around the world play music for their pets, while about 80 percent of them also believe their pets enjoy music,” writes Diaz. “It also found that most pet owners think music is helpful in promoting their pets’ happiness and staving off loneliness.” The choices will vary by pet, though if the intent is to soothe, don’t expect “Who Let the Dogs Out” or “Free Bird” on the playlist.

Skip the breakfast invite: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who famously confessed on a podcast that he took ice baths and fasted all weekend, has upped his meal game, Business Insider reports. He’s now eating seven times a week—only at dinner. 

Call the Maytag Man: President Donald Trump, who has of late been attacking household appliances like showers and toilets because of water restrictions, has now turned his wrath on dishwashers. During a campaign rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Tuesday night, Trump mentioned he was “approving new dishwashers that give you more water,” writes Talking Points memo. “Anyone have a new dishwasher?” Trump asked the crowd. “I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for that, it’s worthless.” Perhaps the White House can borrow some clean cutlery from Jack Dorsey.

Last but not least: Don’t miss Ad Age Next: Health & Wellness, a conference taking place on Feb. 6. Speakers include Norman de Greve, senior VP and chief marketing officer, CVS Health; Amanda Baldwin, president, Supergoop; and Eric Ryan, co-founder of Method, Olly and Welly.

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