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I don’t know if I could touch my toes before quarantine, but after months of working remotely, I’m positive I can’t. I sit all day, and just go from the bedroom to the kitchen, so my body has become super stiff all the time.

Even with no commute, I barely have time to work out during the week. And now it’s gotten to the point where my back’s such a wreck, I’m having trouble sleeping.

From Facebook, I found out it’s not just me. Other people have less-than-ideal working situations (at least I have a good table to work on) and my buddy claimed he was finding relief with Medterra.

He said his back was a mess (gotta drop those shoulders more often) and Medterra’s topical pain cream was the only thing to make a difference.

I looked it up to find a purple bottle of pain cream that contained THC-free CBD, arnica, and menthol. I’d used arnica before for an injury, but I didn’t know how I felt about the CBD. It seemed like a scam, the way I’d seen it used in absolutely everything; oils, gummies, hand sanitizer.

I couldn’t sleep that night, which meant my back hurt when I first woke up, so I messaged my friend just to see if it was worth trying.

He told me I had to buy it. He said the pain just melted away, more than anything he’d ever tried before. The reviews were really positive and they claimed it would provide fast relief for arthritis and joint pain.

I figured CBD products were really expensive, but this one was surprisingly affordable, especially for U.S. grown CBD; it’s also lab-tested by a third party to be accurate for its purity and efficacy. I double checked with customer service if this was the right product for me, and they got to me immediately, to help me figure out that it was. That was surprising and they were super helpful. They also had a 30-day money-back guarantee if I didn’t like it, so I bought it.

When it arrived, it was a good weight, and it smelled nice and strong, thanks to the menthol. It didn’t smell like hemp.

I rubbed it into my back. It definitely felt great going on, and I realized I should be at the very least trying to massage my shoulders everyday.

There was a slight tingling from the menthol, but soon, I could feel the soreness less and less. The stiff, achiness was gone, and I became a new person.

I can’t remember the last time I woke up with no pain or discomfort, but the next morning, I felt 10 years younger. I rubbed it into my back again after my shower, and was able to sit at my desk comfortably.

I’m still trying to figure out how often to apply the pain cream, so I have steady protection, but this has changed my entire day. I can sleep better, and I’m less tired and achy overall.

Medterra also offers a cooling cream and a cream with manuka honey, which has tons of health benefits when applied topically.

My expectations were low when I ordered this, but I’m so happy I did. Its ingredients really targeted my issues and best of all, there are no negative side effects. The worst thing that could happen is that I forget to wash my hands and touch my eye after applying.

I’m very happy I took a chance with Medterra, because their stuff really works.

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