The Effects of CBD Oil on Diabetes –

The Effects of CBD Oil on Diabetes –

The Effects of CBD Oil on Diabetes –

What’s up guys? It’s Dr. Jim your CBD Expert. Your natural healthcare expert.
We’re gonna be talking about a really hot topic people have been messaging me about this topic a lot over the last week.

It’s about CBD oil and Diabetes.

Before we get started talking about CBD oil and Diabetes, something very very important I gotta give a disclaimer, okay, “number one is we do not diagnose. I don’t claim to diagnose or treat any or cure any
disease with CBD oil.”

Okay, it’s very important number two is “I’m not your doctor tonight. You’re not my patient tonight nothing about this constitutes a doctor-patient relationship. So any information that you get from tonight I
want you to use it strictly for educational purposes. Everything that we talk about tonight is to be used in
conjunction with anything that you’re doing with your doctor currently.

So certainly I would love to help you. I’ve just want to put that disclaimer on we do not diagnose or treat. This is not a cure or a treatment for type 2 diabetes. But, we’re gonna talk about the effect of CBD oil on Diabetes. Ultimately some of those pieces and how it works together.

So, first things first, what’s really important is I think we need to understand what is Diabetes because
there’s a bunch of them. I bet you, a lot of you probably don’t know there’s actually probably four kinds of Diabetes.

There’s a couple everybody knows about Type 1 Diabetes now that’s type of Diabetes that people usually get when they’re maybe, you know, in their teens or even younger sometimes, But basically Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune condition where your own immune system starts attacking the cells the beta cells in your pancreas. They destroy your pancreas’ ability to make insulin.

So, this is the thing if you’re a Type 1 Diabetic there is nothing about CBD oil that’s gonna make you not need to take insulin anymore because your body no longer makes it.

Okay, now you may be able to reduce how much insulin you have to take, which is a great thing. But, I don’t mean for you to think that you’re gonna never have to take insulin. That’s Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes is the much more common one. That’s the one that most people understand or know about. But, there’s misconceptions about it. A lot of people believe that Type 2 Diabetes is when your pancreas just can’t make enough insulin anymore.

Well, that can gradually happen. But, ultimately Type 2 Diabetes is really a diabetes of insulin resistance, meaning we’ve put so much sugar into our bloodstream over such a long period of time that when sugar goes into the bloodstream your body, your pancreas pumps out insulin.

Now, insulin’s job is to drive that sugar into your cells for energy. The problem is, you know, once
it can’t do that because your cells have seen so much insulin over so much time, it no longer responds to it the proper way it used to.

It becomes Resistant to its action and so what that does is you can’t get that sugar into your cells anymore. Now, the problem is that sugar is floating around in your bloodstream Causing your blood sugar numbers
to go up. You ultimately end up with Diabetes and it’s called Type-2 Diabetes.

Now, there’s two other Types that people don’t know as much about. The third one is what’s called Type 1.5 Diabetes.

“Wait a minute Doc” there’s a Type 1 and there’s a Type 2. When did they make a Type 1.5 Diabetes?

Well 1.5 isn’t really that well-known. It’s usually people think they have type 2 because it happens as you
get older. But, it’s really what’s called Latent Autoimmune Diabetes. So it’s really Type 1 Diabetes in that your immune system is attacking the cells in your pancreas. It’s destroying your body’s ability to make insulin. But, it’s doing it over a slow period of time.

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